• Chartering

    Tria Logistics Ltd. is giving chartering services,since the day of its establishment,with well experienced and Maritime Faculty graduated staff. Company is providing a wide range services in the field of chartering from smaşş coasters to handymax with voyage or time/period charter, an industrial projects including partial chartering, heavy and overgauge cargoes,palletised cargoes,conventional cargoes and bulk cargoes. Tria Logistics Ltd. is not only giving service to the local and global customers and working cooperationg with operators but also giving the right service to their clients for all cargoes,no matter what size and/or quantitiy it is.



  • Multimodal Transport And Forwarding

    Tria Logistics  Ltd. was established in the aim to give service for ocean transportation and forwarding company, and soon later has expanded the scope of its services so as to cover agency, in response to the demand coming from clients ,considering all these services nonseperable.Paticulary, due to the special geographical and strategic condition of Turkey, the company has expanded its services into door to door transport and transit transport having made the best use of combining seaways, high ways and raiways facilities particularly in transport of container and project cargoes.

  • Project Transportation

    All cargoes,wich are not categaorized in conventional and / or bulk cargoes,rather a part of projct requiring not only special transport means and equipments but also experience and knowledge are within the fields of Tria Logistics Ltd. Regardless of the weight,length,dimensions of cargoes, the company puts in service the fully qualified ,well - informed and highly experienced team in carriying out all the steps of transport. Tria Logistics Ltd. provides all safety,confidence and supports the clients need in all chains of Logistics supplies. 


  • Ship Agency Services

    As Local port agents; A wide variety of ship and cargoes are currentlyhandled by the agency department,with wich an experienced staff maintains a round the clock service.Tria Logistics staff of port operation have Diploma Certificate from Maritime education and are quite familiar with the technicalities related to the clearance of all size/type of Vessels. We are meticulous in handling all type / size of Vessels at port by a team of trained personnel who keep the strictest standard by through planning and supervision to the schedule develop to suite the specific needs of or Valued Principle's in accordance to relevant port tariff with assurance of prompt berting and Quickest dispatch of Vessel with competitive disbursement account with owners entire satisfaction.The mission of Tria Logistics. Ltd. is to make a positive difference in shipping agency primarily through combining professionalism with integrity. TRIA actring and as Shipping Agencies understands the importance of timely delivery of services in shipping sector and works to deliver satifactory shipping agency services everytime.